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think, overall, the problem that the president needs to address is the domestic situation in america. it is the level of anger, of angst, of fear. i went home, andrea. and what i saw were three out of, let's say, seven shops on a block vacant. when i looked at the statistics, what i found was that small business closures in '09 were up 81%. so, that's what we're facing in california. i've got to believe it's everywhere else as well. so, i think taking action, particularly the action he's taking, by taking some funds that were used for wall street out of the t.a.r.p. monies and putting them toward community banks to enable them to lend to small business is extremely important. >>> well, you know, you talk about the angst out there. the president tried to deal with it. there were a lot of different tones in the speech last night. >> yes. >> he was responding to the frustration and anger of the american people and responding to some anger from wall street. at the same time, he was trying to criticize the republicans and say if you're going to continue to block everything we're going to
in the neighborhood. and that is the united states of america. and i will do everything within my power to work with my colleagues to make sure that the resource and the partnership that needs to be established is established. haiti has an infrastructure that needs to be strengthened and i heard from people in my constituency professionals who are geared up and prepared to take their expertise back to haiti and to make sure that in the rebuilding of the nation, a building code is established and that can withstand natural disaster and that we are growing from strength to strength as opposed to rebuilding every time there's a natural disaster or crisis in the nation. >> thank you so very much, congresswoman clarke. let me point out there are other ways you can donate. unicef, 1-800-4-unicef. american red cross, 1-800-red-cross. 90999. that donates $10 to the red cross effort. this just in. the united nations are reporting this earthquake caused damage, as we know, to the national palace, other important buildings. the wash calties are an unknown number, tens, if not hundreds of thousands suffere
the message that america is not just wanting to hear but the policies that have been backed up that message. so as -- the spokesperson for the president just noted over the next 11 months, the political theater, the -- the shakes pier an aspects of the election cycle are going to get played out. the republican party, however, will be engaged as we were in new jersey and in virginia to make sure our candidates are well prepared to address the concerns of the american people. >> you wrote a whole book about -- 12-step program for overcoming the obama administration now. yes, you told shon hannity last week if i have this quote right, when asked about whether you can retake the house, you told him that you are not sure they can take back the house. you raised the question if your party is ready for it. why so negative? >> no. you know, yes, i am part chair leader but i'm also part pragmatist and certainly honest. and the goal is, i wasn't trying to be negative. i was trying to be very, very positive ask honest in saying we are still building up the process. woe still have races where we have c
will not be foresaken. you will not be forgotten. in this, your hour of greatest need, america stands with you. the world stands with you. >> but with no power or communication, the people of haiti cannot see or hear him. >> nbc news has learned mr. obama has called former president george w. bush to team up with bill clinton and work on relief effort. secretary of state hillary clinton after canceling her trip to the pacific flew back overnight to washington. >> we are expecting, you know, a great number of fatalities and serious injuries. we know it's going to be in the tens of thousands, but we don't know yet the extent of it. your heart just goes out to the people of haiti. we're going to be there for the long term. it's not just right now, the faa is saying there is a ground stop at the airport in haiti. too many planes on the ground and in the air as they try to deliver those badly needed supplies. 15 nations plus the world bank, eu and the united nations all sending a collective $280 million worth of food, water, medical supplies and temporary shelter. president obama calls it one of th
for themselves. we're working every day to get their economy back on track and put america back to work. while wall street may be recovering, you and i know your main streets have a long way to go. unemployment in your cities is still far too high. and because our metropolitan areas account for 90% of our economic output, they are the engines that we need to get started again. last month, i announced some additional targeted steps to spur private sector hiring and boost small businesses by building on the tax cuts in the recovery act and increasing access to the loans they desperately need to grow. i said we would rebuild and modernize even more of our transportation and communications networks across the country in addition to the infrastructure projects that are already scheduled to come online this year. i called for the extension of emergency relief to help hurting americans who have lost their jobs, and you can expect a continued, sustained and relentless effort to create good jobs for the american people. i will not rest until we've gotten there. but i also know that each of you worrie w
out, america american families wanting to bring them out, not being able to get the approvals. is there anything the state department can do or is it all up to the haitian government? >> actually, we're doing a great deal. we've already had 28 orphans who have moved and are now in the united states. a couple hundred cases that were in some process, documentation is critical, getting the permission of the haitian government is critical. we're working those cases now and hope to have good news in the coming days and we know there's a large universe and we're going to work through that as rapidly as possible. >> thank you very much, p.j. crowley. as we told you, bill clinton is now in haiti, along with daughter, chelsea clinton. and this weekend, secretary of state hillary clinton traveled to haiti to survey the damage, bring supplies, meet with haitian president preval. i traveled with the secretary and while in haiti asked her what signs for hope she sees for haiti's recovery. >> the most important thing is the very long meeting that i had with president preval, his prime minis
that the rest of america cares about, which is the economy and the anger and frustration that government seems to be too cozy with wall street. so, that's the message they've received. we'll find out if this is the right message. i can tell you this. it does appear as if both parties are receiving this populist message, because they're both trying to, in their own ways, channel some anger. so, the republicans are doing it with the issue of health care and the size of government. democrats are now trying to do it on the issue of wall street. >> andrea, i need to talk to chuck about something. senator reid is undecided on ben bernanke, is the new headline. chuck is my political guru here. does that mean the senators are now free to vote the way they want, there's no pressure at all from the leadership office? does this doom bernanke by itself? >> reporter: look at today's developments alone. i've talked to someone who is very close to this situation who is now in panic mode about bernanke. here is why. russ feingold, barbara boxer and harry reid. what do they all have in common, andrea mitchell?
with middle class tax cuts, i guess we're no longer worried about america's concerns over the deficit. what are they putting out there today? >> reporter: these are pretty modest tax cuts, but it is designed to go for the middle class, which, of course, is the target of the state of the union address on wednesday and we heard some of the themes that i think we will hear, which is those fighting words, the president saying they'll fight for the middle class. in terms of what was announced they'll almost double the child credit tax for families making less than $85,000 a year. breaks for students, limiting the federal loan payments to 10% of a student's income. it's supposed to be geared to giving the middle class a break and, again, i think what we heard from the president certainly today and on friday as well is a real preview to what we'll hear wednesday night when he kind of resets the agenda, a speech that will be very heavy on these economic things. >> and what are they going to do about health care? joe klein, you had an interview with the president last week. from your story in "time"
of america's intelligence. i think the president has to take that on personally. >> would you revisit the 9/11 reforms and either break up some of these agencies or restructure them or recoordinate? >> when i was director of national intelligence, what i always said in reply to that question is it's not the boxes on the charts that really count, it's the coordination, the integration of information, moving it horizontally across agencies in real time, not with little scraps of paper through meetings once a week or something like that. it's got to be in real time. technology is our friend in this regard. you've got to use technology to the utmost in accomplishing this. it can be done. clearly now it needs to be -- the effort needs to be reinforced somewhat. we had a near miss and we dodged a bullet, but maybe we can create an opportunity out of what could have been, as you said, a great disaster. >> are people afraid to share their sources, their databases? is this a case of bureaucratic rivalries getting in the way? >> my impression is that in this instance that wasn't the case at all. it w
. i pledged america's continued commitment to the government and the people of haiti in the immediate effort to save lives and deliver relief and in the long-term effort to rebuild. president preval and i agreed it is absolutely essential that these efforts are well coordinated among the united states and the government of haiti with the united nations, which continues to play an essential role, and with the many international partners and aid organizations that are now on the ground. meanwhile, american resources continue to arrive in haiti. search and rescue efforts continue to work, pulling people out of the rubble. our team has saved both the lives of american citizens and haitian citizens, often under extraordinarily difficult circumstances. this morning, the aircraft carrier "uss carl vinson" arrived along with helicopters that will be critical in delivering assistance in the days to come. they are preparing to move badly needed water, food and other life-saving supplies to priority areas in port-au-prince. food, water and medicine continues to arrive, along with doctors and aid
is this guy is doing all kinds of crazy stuff that's going to destroy america and i would just say we have to think about tone. it's not just on your side, by the way. it's on our side as well. this is part of what's happened in our politics. we demonize the other side so much that when it comes to actually getting things done, it becomes tough to do. mike? >> dr. tom price from georgia, and then we'll have one more after that, if your time permits, mr. president. >> you know, i'm having fun. >> okay. this is great. >> tom price, georgia. >> thank you. mr. president, i want to stick on the general topic of health care, but ask a specific question. you repeatedly have said most recently at the state of the union that republicans have offered no ideas and no solut n solutions. in spite of the fact -- >> i don't think i said that. what i said was, in the context of health care, i remember that speech pretty well. it was only two days ago. i said i welcome ideas that you might provide. i didn't say you hadn't provide ed ideas. i said i welcome ideas that you provide. >> mr. president, multipl
to be overprepared than under prepared. err on the side of protecting america. it's tough to do but it's requiring the president to help fundamentally change. we still have people inclined to hit the send button. still siloed. still a need to know versus a need to share. i said this before. secretary napolitano regrets the statement she made but at the end of the day homeland security and tsa can only operate on information they have in their presence and they didn't have it in front of them. they couldn't very well operate with it. >> in defending her, you're more charitable than some republicans and talk about hitting the send buntd, vice president dick cheney talking to politico last week, saying president obama is trying to pretend we're not at war and when he pretends we aren't, it makes us much less safe. do you agree with vice president cheney? >> two people in town that sat in the chair that secretary napolitano and i sat in, secretary chertoff and yours truly. she can only operate on information she gets and she didn't get the information. secondly, i think there's a problem within washin
of massachusetts and america safe when it comes to terrorism. these are not simply criminal episodes where people can lawyer up and be mirandized and stay quiet about people they talked to and others they conspired with to carry out attacks against americans. the truth is the obama administration really has been of two minds. they had both trials in civilian courts planned like make make mohammed in manhattan but also said we will do military tribunals and we think there's nothing wrong with those. we need to recognize that this is literally a national security -- >> bush white house -- the bush white house did the same thing, senator. they had both kinds of procedures. >> they didn't -- they didn't -- try mohammed in manhattan. indeed, there were some cases of retreated as criminal -- >> chip rode. >> and others as acts of war. i think that this is what the 9/11 commission tried to wickus up to after 9/11 they said you can't treat the threat of terror and simply as a criminal activity where you prosecute them after they have been successful in carrying out the take. you need to be able to interr
reveals systemic weaknesses in america's security, gaps that were never fixed after 9/11. eleanor hill, former staff director for the joint congressional inquiry into the attack of 9/11. from your investigation, joint house/senate investigation. this was the document. 900 pages of recommendations. and among them was the recommendation which led to the creation of the counter terrorism center. >> that's correct. >> but as you pointed out in your summary, there has to be human analysis. we were talking about this a few minutes ago. >> right. >> where do you see the key gaps from what we know so far? >> again, everything i say is based on what i've seen in the press. i'm not in government now so i don't have inside information. >> but there's some real parallels from superficial information. >> there certainly are. from what i've seen reported we found in the 9/11 inquiry a failure to appreciate collected significance of information put it all together and then disseminate it to the people who need it in time for them to take action on it. from everything i can see in what's being reporte
? in other words, if we didn't have the civil rights we wouldn't be facing the problems in america. >> reporter: if we had that same mentality, we wouldn't have president obama as president, we wouldn't have -- i wouldn't be standing here today. i wouldn't be able to send my children to the school they go to. so many different things. we have to look at the mind-set in total and also what each issue is about. race, again, is a highly sensitive issue, and sometimes we throw it in, all into one pot. you can't mix it all in one pot. is it all wrong? yes, it's still wrong. but we have to figure out how to deal with each piece at a time and not lump them all together. >> april ryan from american urban radio, thank you very much. and chris alyssa, we'll talk to you later about the next 24. >>> up next, bonus season returns to wall street. and home run king mark mcgwire's less than shocking confession. >>> the showdown in massachusetts one week before election day. the candidates vying for ted kennedy's seat face off about health care, taxes and terrorism. latest on their nasty debate nex
conservative. almost came out a lot of it out of newt gingrich's contract with america. it was a pivot of a kind we never had seen. so the result was that clinton before the election, term he used, my profile nationally has gotten too far left. in one evening, he managed to move a lot towards the center. i doubt if barack obama is going to move that far tonight. it is an opportunity for him essentially to say maybe we did spend a little bit too much time on health care. i want the americans to know there's nothing more important to me in life than making sure the people get back to work. >> michael beschloss who has seen it all. thank you so much. we will talk more about how he did in coming days. what does the left wing of the party, progressive wing, want to hear from the president tonight? we will talk to senator bernie sanders joining us here. independent senator sanders. plus, what issue do you want president obama to address tonight? take part in a live vote and logon to this is "andrea mitchell reports" live from the capitol. . their story begins to fall apart. see
. and all of them have been called worse, including barack obama. >> an apology to america. he has insulted a great number of persons. >> other juicy book notes? candidate obama's frustration with joe biden. sarah palin's divine inspiration and a bo dice-ripping screaming match between john and elizabeth edwards. and, of course, hillary clinton's reality check to barack obama on her husband. what does the book say about tom daschle? he joins us now live, straight ahead. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell, live in washington today. this hour, senate majority leader harry reid makes his first public appearance since apologize i apologizing to the president over the weekend for those racial remarks, remarks made during the campaign. reid was already in deep trouble politically back home in nevada in his re-election effort but the white house considers him critical to forging a compromise on health care. former senate majority leader tom daschle joins us now live. your timing is great. here we are, a former majority leader, point man on health care and you're seeing what's happening with harry r
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